The Shadow is no more...

Hey kids,

It's been a fun 6 years here at Shadow of the Ring... but as the movies have come out and finished, as the DVDs collect dust on our shelves, it seems the interest in our little nook on the web is waning. In addition, it seems the saga is at an end; there are no more movies to look forward to, no more books to read, no more soundtracks to listen to. It's terribly sad and heart breaking, but it's true.

Because of all this, I've had to come to the tough decision to close down the Shadow of the Ring. I'll still be around working on my university studies and my other projects at Annexant Design (where you can contact me if you need to), but our journey together is at an end my friends.

This is goodbye for now, and though SOTR may be gone, its shadow lives on...